This is why it works

Visible Weight Loss Clinic offers the latest in thermal technology with the Cocoon Wellness Pro Infrared Sauna Pod. The Cocoon Wellness Pro has been voted the world’s best Cocoon brand for restoring the whole body to optimum function. It has been used by astronauts for rehabilitation after long flights in space, pain management clinics, chiropractors, fitness centers, beauty clinics, weight loss experts, and world-class athletes. The Cocoon Wellness Pro emits full spectrum FAR, MID and NEAR infrared light, providing a unique, triple-action detox. Our bodies have become dumping grounds for toxic compounds that invade our air, water, and soil, and even if we try to live a healthy lifestyle, keeping our bodies clean is a struggle. The Cocoon Wellness Pro is the solution to achieving the perfect balance of body and mind conditioning.

About our Pillars

Our pillars serve as the holy grail of weight loss, providing individuals with the ultimate guide to achieving their desired body and reclaiming their health. By embracing and implementing these principles, our users unlock the door to a world where shedding stubborn pounds becomes an effortless reality, leading to a lifelong journey of wellness and vitality. With our comprehensive approach, we empower our users with the knowledge and tools to conquer their weight loss goals. Through these 4 pillars, we pave the path towards remarkable results. Check out what we use below to implement this unique process.


Safe and effective, the treatment involves using advanced cooling technology to freeze fat cells, which are then eliminated through natural processes. With Cryoskin, you can finally get your dream body without surgery or downtime. Perfect for those who want to look and feel their best, Cryoskin is the ultimate solution to stubborn fat. Book a session today and start transforming your body for the better!

Cocoon Pod

The Cocoon Pod is perfect for those seeking a relaxing, detoxing experience that promotes overall wellness. At Visible Weight Loss Clinic, our state-of-the-art Cocoon Pod utilizing multiple types of infrared light ensures maximum benefits for our customers. Book your session today and indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience!


We know that the most successful weight loss campaigns occur when you have people invested in your success. You aren’t going to walk through this journey alone! We are here to provide nutrition, motivation, lifestyle support services to help you lose and maintain a healthy weight.

GLP1 – Semaglutide Medication

Semaglutide is the first once-weekly medication in its class, approved by the FDA, specifically designed to help you achieve long-term weight management. When used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise, Semaglutide delivers outstanding results that surpass traditional weight loss methods. We offer access to this medication with direct pharmacy relationships, allowing our customers to experience wholesale pricing.

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